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Comprehensible data quality

The Swiss Academy of Engineering Sciences (SATW) evaluated the current status of and challenges associated with making research data quality transparent at the national level in this SWITCH Innovation Lab.

The purpose of this SWITCH Innovation Lab is to document the current state of knowledge and implementation of measures used to promote broad-based comprehensible data quality in various fields of research using expert survey data collected by SATW. In addition, this study aims to identify national needs and problems arising in this context.

Some key results of this study point towards the need for accessibility of research data, automated processes and documented metadata to achieve necessary quality standards. Authenticity, integrity and indisputability are also fundamental aspects for data quality. Moreover, the results point towards the need of set guidelines and standards. All of these aspects are paramount for achieving the vision of a research data Connectome for Switzerland.

FAIR data connected for the future

Our vision to connect repositories and the research data they contain: the research data Connectome.