Increase interaction, build a community, promote creativity, expand your reach and improve learning outcomes through high-quality videos. 

The video platform for Switzerland

SWITCHcast is the video platform for Switzerland. Livestream, record, upload, edit, manage, publish, discover, roll out: SWITCHcast delivers your videos to your target audience. Quickly, securely and in high quality.

Create interactive learning materials that are easy to access and motivate students. Use a wide array of tools to create, edit and manage videos. You can easily publish the content to your LMS (learning management system) or any other location you like.

How you benefit

Knowledge exchange

Lecture, webinar, lesson and seminar recording

Virtual classroom

Video lessons

Reliable video library

Management of video content

Full access

Ad-free platform

Secure data location in Switzerland

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Getting started with SWITCHcast or switching from existing systems to SWITCHcast is as easy as ABC. That’s because a user-friendly interface is one of our most important features. Every SWITCH licence also includes customer service as standard. Our team are happy to help you with setting up SWITCHcast, training or any technical questions you may have.

Virtual classroom

Virtual classroom

Integrate SWITCHcast into your LMS and your video conference solutions to create a comprehensive virtual classroom that forms the ideal basis for limitless learning success.

Content management

Content management

Manage your lecture recordings, seminar videos and third-party media content in a secure and central video platform with a search function. Make your videos accessible to one small group, to members of your organisation, to all owners of a SWITCH edu-ID or even to the general public.

Most important features


Easily combine videos from multiple cameras, presentations, screens and existing data.


Share content securely so that only authorised persons can access it.


Connect with your viewers over live and on-demand videos.


Find any video or scene with a quick search in your video library.


Monitor audience behaviour and measure audience participation.

Seamless integration

SWITCHcast can be integrated into all standard video conference, LMS and CMS (content management system) solutions. Record meetings via Zoom, Teams or Webex and integrate the recordings into SWITCHcast.

Open platform, greater flexibility

SWITCHcast is based on Kaltura. This provides optimal flexibility and multiple configuration options, as Kaltura works with open standards and relies on APIs (application programming interfaces). This technology enables us to create countless features that make your work considerably easier. Furthermore, many features from other partner companies can also be added.

Your data remains in Switzerland

Your data is saved to SWITCH’s servers and will not leave Switzerland unless you explicitly state you would like it to.


Service Status 

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