Dossier International cooperations

Switzerland is not enough

International cooperations are essential, especially in the fields where SWITCH operates.

The Federal Council believes that cross-border collaboration is crucial to maintaining Switzerland’s excellence in education, research and development, and it prioritise these three fields in its policies.

SWITCH is an integral part of the Swiss academic community. Based on its core competencies in networks, security and identity management, SWITCH works in partnership to develop ICT solutions that empower academic users to achieve globally competitive results.

Involvement in bodies and projects that transcend national borders has been a vital part of SWITCH’s approach since the very beginning. Research at the highest level, for example, is inconceivable these days without international cooperation. The same is true of cybersecurity. Cooperation between countries and organisations is the only way to deal with online crime. The Internet itself would of course never have come about at all, let alone made it to Switzerland, without cross-border collaboration and international standards.

There are plenty of other examples where international cooperation, while perhaps not indispensable, is certainly helping to make the digital world a better place – procurement and cloud services being just two.

In some cases, SWITCH’s international commitments benefit the whole of the country rather than just the universities, for instance by supporting research and Internet security in Switzerland.