Your universal login, forever

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For universities

Simplify enrolment and use the established identity solution for the academic sector.

For services

Offer your service to the entire university community by enabling login with SWITCH edu-ID.

For users

Use services at several universities and throughout your entire educational career with one login.

Only one login

Everything works with the same login - enrolment for studies, registration on the learning platform or access to cloud services. 

Anyone can create a SWITCH edu-ID account immediately and free of charge.


Your personal lifelong companion

After studies is before studies - continuing education is part of lifelong learning. 

SWITCH edu-ID will accompany you throughout your entire educational career.

The edu-ID account enables you to access services during and after your studies, such as Alumni services.


identity management

Easy integration into existing processes

SWITCH edu-ID supports your university in the digitisation and optimisation of your identity management processes.

Would you like to integrate SWITCH edu-ID
also at your university?

for your service

Enable the Swiss academic community
to access your service

  • access to the academic community with >500'000 identities
  • open for further user groups
  • meets high security standards
  • easy integration via SAML and in future OpenID Connect
  • attributes verified by universities

Easy integration

A detailed documentation and
the technical support helps with
the integration of SWITCH edu-ID.


Adapt the standardised
SWITCH edu-ID login dialog
with your own logo etc.

Efficient administration

Manage your
service settings yourself
via Resource Registry.

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