Administration Portal

SWITCH provides a web-based administration protal for organisations. Its purpose is:

  • review the most important statistics, status information about their organisation in the context of edu-ID
  • inspect or temporarily disable organisation affiliations of edu-ID users
  • create and manage technical edu-ID accounts
  • review changes performed by fellow administrators on their users
  • review and manage security, emergency and generic edu-ID service contacts for their own organisation

Get access

The organisation administration portal is available at

It requires a login with an edu-ID account linked to an organisation. Currently, access to the portal is limited to Home Organisation or Attribute Release Policy administrators in the AAI Resource Registry for a given organisation.


The administation portal has the following restrictions:

  • The search function is limited to reveal users who have an affiliation with the current administrated organisation.
  • The identity data of an edu-ID user account can be inspected but not changed. Affiliation data changes have to be done via the normal affiliation update mechanism.
  • An administrator can only inspect or change affiliation data of users affiliated with the administrated organisation. Data of other affiliations cannot be inspected or changed.
  • Currently, affiliation data of users cannot be changed. It can only be blocked or unblocked


In general, the SWITCH edu-ID team is open to requests and wishes when it comes to extend the administration interface. If you – as organisation administrator – miss a specific feature, please let us know via an e-mail to