The SWITCH edu-ID service exists in two versions, a test version and a production version.
The purpose of the test version is - as the name suggests - to test a service that is accessed by SWITCH edu-ID users.
The production version also can be used for certain tests but generally, we don't recommend to create test accounts on the production SWITCH edu-ID instance (see Terms of Use and Service Description).

The two versions differ in a few points that might be relevant for the decision whether to test against the production version or the test version. Find below a comparison of the two instances:

Instance Test Production
EntityID https://test.eduid.ch/idp/shibboleth https://eduid.ch/idp/shibboleth
Federation AAI Test (but allows linking SWITCHaai identities) SWITCHaai
Availability High Very high (multiple nodes for IdP)
Changes Are added usually without further notice Affected users will be informed ahead of relevant changes
Federation Metadata http://metadata.aai.switch.ch/metadata.aaitest.xml (infos on signature validation) http://metadata.aai.switch.ch/metadata.switchaai.xml (infos on signature validation)
Single metatada https://rr.aai.switch.ch/entity/homeorg/21475/metadata.xml https://rr.aai.switch.ch/entity/homeorg/21781/metadata.xml
Domain test.eduid.ch eduid.ch
Purpose Test/Debugging Use Production Use
Special Features No terms of use apply. Create/delete any account for email addresses you own. Deleting own user account on request.
(NOTE: For migrated organisations: no deletion of accounts with active affiliation of the organisatio)
Limitations Automatic notification emails (sent by cron jobs) are not sent to account holder but Swiss edu-ID team. Terms of Use allow only to create accounts that belong to a real person with a proper name. Account deletion currently only on manual request.