SWITCH edu-ID for users

Your universal login, forever

One login, many services

Many services can be used with SWITCH edu-ID - e.g.


Register for your studies

Online Meetings

Communicate via video or web conferences, chat, etc.


Use mail, calendar or collaborative tools of your own university

Cloud Storage

Save and share data


Access your learning content via Moodle, Ilias, OLAT, MOOCs etc.


Borrow books

Your account for lifelong learning

Easy to create, easy to use. 

  • For your learning career during and after your studies
  • For your employment at the university
  • For your further education

Connect your account to one or more universities to access their services.

Use alumni services with your SWITCH edu-ID account after leaving the university.

Studies completed -
SWITCH edu-ID remains

Keep and update your account

From Bachelor to Master, from degree to doctorate. Your SWITCH edu-ID account will continue to accompany you throughout your learning career. 

And you can also use your account after your studies: 

  • access to libraries
  • continuing education (DAS, CAS, MAS)
  • next degree course (Master's, doctorate etc.)
  • alumni offers