SWITCHengines for enterprise

Are you looking for a partner, whom you can trust with (copies of) your data? Are you looking for hybrid ways to manage your infrastructure in a cost efficient way while maintaining full control? Do you want to expand the boundaries of your own infrastructure under maximal consideration of your needs?

Then SWITCHengines can offer you the following benefits:

  • Initial focus for backing up data, failover solutions or datacenter extension
  • Access through Virtual Private Cloud appliance
  • Simple administration; integrated into the academic network of SWITCH; security and identity services included
  • Co-Created together with you in 2018

In addition you get the following advantages:

  • All data protected under Swiss law and located only in Switzerland within the academic community network
  • Full control by the institutions, including a flexible usage and charging model corresponding to the budgeting needs
  • Strong influence on governance via the SWITCH Foundation council
  • Direct backbone connection to the SWITCH network and data transfer as well as ingress/egress at no cost
  • Multi-year charging models with discounts

Please note that the first version of the Enterprise flavor is developed in 2018 with selected IT services from Swiss institutions.

Here you can find our success stories corresponding to the flavor Enterprise


"To achieve such high service level, we must guarantee the data availability in a disaster scenario: it must be stored geo-redundant. SWITCHengines enables us now to add more capacity as needed - in a geo-redundant, highly scalable, fast deliverable and cost-efficient way."

Stefan Meichtry, Infrastructure and IT-Security manager / IT-Services, FFHS

SWTICHengines for backup copy to cloud


SWITCHengines storage solution


SWITCHengines VPC Factsheet


Choose your model

There are two billing models to choose from:

  • Either resources are billed “as you go”  

  • or we provide multi year volume discounts for longer-term usage, such as for scientific projects or IT-services

For participating institutions, we combine the two models to provide discounts also if an institution uses a certain amount of resources cumulatively.

Pricing information for Swiss Academia

SWITCHengines Pricing Flyer 2019 ( Current as of 1.1.2019)

Currently we are invoicing the following items: CPU, RAM, IPv4 Addresses and Storage, Microsoft software licenses.

The SWITCHengines Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) solution extends the university campus network with compute and storages resources from SWITCHengines. You can use your institution's own IPv4 addresses for SWITCHengines virtual machines.

The VPC enables various scenarios:

    • add more resilience to the current infrastructure
    • secure your data with an off-site backup
    • flexibly respond to peak demands for compute and storage


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    Outreach Manager
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Find more (technical) information at our Documentation and FAQ and the technical Blog.