Use cases

SWITCHengines can adapt to almost every need you have: high performance compute, big data analysis, datapools, machine learning, compute based research and teaching, national services and projects and many more.

Machine Learning

SWITCHengines is particularly useful when much computing power is required for a short time period or when access to the da- ta/programs from different locations is needed...

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Agile Performance

To deal with this vast amount of collected data we have decided to work also with cloud resources like SWITCHengines. With SWITCHengines we can set up a 1000 core cluster within a day, which is very fast...

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Big Datasets

Out of curiosity, I wanted to compare the performance of our local hardware with a virtual environment like SWITCHengines. I expected SWITCHengines to be...

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National Science

We decided to host this service for Swiss researchers and students that deals with Swiss geodata within the academic community in Switzerland. A project like this exceeds the interest of a single institution like the HSR...

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Highend Teaching

We developed a novel and effective solution to bioinformatics training in collaboration with SWITCHengines, which provides the ideal infrastructure for our requirements due to its full “end- to-end” capability...

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Virtual Classroom

SWITCHengines is perfect for us since it is unique in a way that it provides these computing tools directly to the researcher or the research department, has a transparent tariff and provides support for academic researchers...

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Backup Copy to Cloud

To deal with this situation we decided to work with complementa- ry cloud resources instead of setting up our own storage system. With SWITCHengines we can now set up new large-scale storage resources for backups on demand in a second datacenter...

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Storage Solution

For cost reasons and greater flexibility in scaling we wanted to move forward and find a solution that does not depend on enterprise hardware anymore. Also, we wanted to avoid the usual setup of a completely new hardware system...

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Virtual Private Cloud

SWITCHengines is an extension of your existing data center with compute and storage infrastructure of makes is possible to use IP addresses of your own campus network for SWITCHengines VMs: SWITCHengines...

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