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Ticket 20081225_1

Ticket Number: 20081225_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2008-12-25 12:26Ticket Closed: 2009-01-16 11:11
Ticket Description: swiBE1 down

Problem Description:

2008-12-25 12:15
Router swiBE1 is down.
There was a loss of power in the Chemie building of UniBE where our router swiBE1 is located.
Connectivity to UniBE or any organisations connected by UniBE was provided all the time by the redundant router swiBE2.


From 2008-12-25 12:19 until 2008-12-25 14:17
Impact: no more redundancy
Sites/Services: UNIBE


2009-01-16 11:00
Correction of already closed ticket: after reviewing this ticket and our logfiles we found out that the site Euresearch was not affected by this outage. Therefore we removed Euresearch from the "affected" section.

2008-12-25 14:20
Our equipment is back online. All links have been restored.

2008-12-25 13:02
UniBE contacted by phone. They have problems with their equipment in the same building too. A power problem is expected. Thy will feed back any information to noc@switch.ch

For all questions about this ticket, please send mail to noc@switch.ch
or call +41 44 268 15 30.