Cybercrime has one motivation: money. Unsurprisingly, banks and in particular e-banking customers are attractive targets for criminals. SWITCH provides a tailored service for Swiss banks, helping them in the fight against criminals with its specialised expertise.

Service at a glance

Specific services in this all-inclusive package include:

  • Monitoring the malware landscape for customer-specific threats
  • Regular information exchange and threat information
  • Information services that enable security and helpdesk staff to take action
  • Support by email and phone
  • Training for your staff
  • Development of server side fraud detection
  • Malware analysis and monitoring as a basis for countermeasures
  • Incident handling: coordination take-downs
  • Forensic investigations

SWITCH-CERT customers have fewer and shorter incidents and thus lower costs. They are in control of the situation and have access to the know-how of an entire team of specialists for a fraction of the price.


SWITCH-CERT core services

Core Services is the basic SWITCH-CERT for Banks package. It is particularly suited to financial institutions that have outsourced their security infrastructure or banking software and are looking for a provider-independent view and additional security measures. They also receive an accurate and up-to-date overview of the local threat situation with tailored monitoring, threat classification and recommended actions.

SWITCH-CERT advanced services

We help the people responsible for operational online security to strike a balance between innovation and keeping costs down so that they can spot complex threats at the earliest possible stage and successfully defend against attacks. The Advanced Services package includes everything in Core Services plus a few extras to guarantee banks the best possible protection. It is especially suited to banks that have their own IT security team and know that they cannot afford to sacrifice security in favour of low costs.

SWITCH-CERT add-on modules

The «threat intelligence sharing», «SWITCH DNS Firewall» and «mobile security» add-on modules are based on the latest technology and ensure optimal protection in combination with SWITCH-CERT’s comprehensive know-how.


SWITCH-CERT the leading national center of expertise.


Fact sheet

SWITCH-CERT for banks in brief: Service modules and packages.


Fact sheet

SWITCH-CERT for Banks: NIST Cyber Security Framework


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    Head SWITCH-CERT (Commercial Sectors)
    +41 44 268 16 26
  • Michael Fuchs
    Solution Consultant Financial Services
    +41 79 930 21 14


First layer of protection – The SWITCH DNS Firewall protects all devices effectively before a connection is established to any malicious systems.

Security Awareness

SWITCH is supporting the Swiss Internet community by establishing security awareness platforms and offering services to raise awareness.

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