Security Awareness Day

Tuesday, 1st of October 2019, 9:30 to 16:00


A mature approach to information technology requires a basic understanding of its possibilities and the processes behind it. Most people have sufficient knowledge to use the Internet and relevant technology. However, this knowledge is not always sufficient to deal responsibly and self-determined with one's own data. 

The problem has long been recognised. Security Awareness is supposed to solve it. But the challenges are great and many - missing communication expertise, support and resources are just a few. 

The event aims at giving some insights into the different possible ways to deal with security awareness while pointing out where to get support and what is most crucial for being successful.

Haus der Universität, Schlösslistrasse 5, 3008 Bern


Target Audience

Talks and discussions are directed to professionals in the fields of eLearning, communications, education, IT, security or marketing. We invite everyone who is responsible for, interested in or curious about security awareness. 

To spread awareness of and educate as well as train users on information security needs interdisciplinary forces. 


Talks will be given in English or German.


Registration will be open by end of May.


The program is in preparation and will be available soon.