SWITCH Domain-Name Security

The misuse of domain names for criminal purposes is considered one of the biggest online threats. SWITCH has a legal basis to effectively combating such misuse, thereby protecting visitors to Swiss websites from criminals.

In recent years, SWITCH-CERT has processed several thousand .ch and .li domains that were hacked by criminals and misused for illegal activities such as distributing malware and stealing personal information.

Malware and your next website visit

Malware is a general term for malicious software and includes viruses, worms, Trojan horses etc. Without malware, there would be no cybercrime. Criminals hack thousands (really) of websites every day and modify them just a tiny bit. But this modification has a big effect: the chances are high that a computer user who visits such a website will have some malware installed on his or her computer.

Criminals love passwords

...especially yours, and they spare no effort to get it. They post copies of legitimate websites on hacked web servers and lure their victims into entering their user names, passwords, credit card details and so on, which they then misuse for their own purposes – at your expense.

What we do

Every day, SWITCH-CERT is notified of dozens of URLs which are suspected of being misused. They are checked and, if indeed found to be malicious, reported to the domain holder and website hoster with a request to clean the site. If there is no response within one day, SWITCH suspends the domain to protect visitors and the holder alike.

A message to security experts:

Do you have feeds of malicious URLs? Our staff would love to process them for .ch and .li ccTLDs, so please get in touch with us. And if you are interested in more details, check our security blog …..