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At the Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences, the future visions, ideas, and products take root and grow. The easy collaboration with peers and unhindered, secure connectivity to the whole world is key to their success.

Because SWITCH believes that researchers and students need to be connected to the world, SWITCH-CERT was created for the Swiss universities immediately after the introduction of the Internet in Switzerland. Since then, SWITCH-CERT protects the academic members and their IT infrastructure.

Together with its academic partners' IT security staff and international partners around the world, SWITCH-CERT works diligently to keep the Swiss academia safe and criminals out.

SWITCH-CERT's security experts analyse the relevant information to detect and mitigate cyber threats against your academic network. With the help of our national and international partner network, we provide the necessary head start when new threats arise.

Our expertise, your advantage

Independent and transparent

For more than 25 years, SWITCH stands for a safer internet. As a Swiss non-profit foundation, we are free from ties to specific manufacturers or suppliers.

Global cooperation

Since 1994, SWITCH-CERT systematically forged partnerships to build a national and international cyber security cooperation network. (Géant’s TF-CSIRT, FIRST, regulators, federal agencies, law enforcement agencies, Industry organizations, etc.).

Unique synergies

By operating and monitoring the Swiss NREN, the registry and collaboration with the financial, industrial and energy sectors SWITCH-CERT offers unique benefits in the fight against cyber criminals.

Protecting Switzerland's critical infrastructures

SWITCH operates three critical infrastructures for Switzerland: the Swiss National Research and Education Network, SWITCH-CERT, and the Swiss and Liechtenstein ccTLD (.ch, .li).

Interdisciplinary security expertise

We offer a unique versatility of security excellence in complex and specialist areas; incident detection and response, threat analysis and hunting domain security, malware analysis, forensics, big data processing and security awareness.


SWITCH-CERT builds, develops and operates all its services together with its academic partners to provide the most comprehensive benefit for them.

Our service at a glance

Our service at a glance

  • Incident response and coordination
  • Permanent monitoring of the network to identify security problems
  • Information on the latest security issues
  • Regular meetings, training courses and workshops
  • Advice and advisories in emergency situations
  • Development of innovative security mechanisms
  • Forensic investigations
  • Security Awareness

CERT brochure

SWITCH-CERT brochure “Switzerland's independent multi-sector CERT”.

Security Working Group

Security Working Group

To create better synergies, SWITCH formed the Security Working Group as a collaboration platform for all security experts working in the Swiss academic community to exchange information, know-how, experience and foster collaboration.

“As the foundation of the Swiss universities, SWITCH knows the needs of the universities and their cyber security very well, compared to commercial providers.”

“As the foundation of the Swiss universities, SWITCH knows the needs of the universities and their cyber security very well, compared to commercial providers.”

Marco Gersbacher
Head of ICT Infrastructure, University of Basel

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First layer of protection – The SWITCH DNS Firewall protects all devices effectively before a connection is established to any malicious systems.

Security Awareness

SWITCH is supporting the Swiss Internet community by establishing security awareness platforms and offering services to raise awareness.

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Head SWITCH-CERT (Universities & Registry)
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