SWITCH edu-ID as door opener for libraries

With the launch of the Swiss Library Service Platform in December 2020, up to 1 million library users are expected to use SWITCH edu-ID to register with SLSP’s research libraries - the new national catalogue of scientific information.

Pubblicato il 29.04.2020

The Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP), founded by 15 Swiss universities in 2017, represents a significant step forward in the digital evolution of scientific libraries in Switzerland. The platform brings together scientific information stored in libraries across Switzerland. By making this information easily findable and accessible for students, teachers and researchers, SLSP contributes to scientific discovery and progress, as well as to lifelong learning.

"In today's knowledge society, unrestricted and timely access to scientific information is of great importance. By guaranteeing access to diverse information resources, academic libraries play a central role in research and teaching at universities, but also in the lifelong learning of the population. SLSP sees itself as a service provider for all scientific libraries and contributes to establishing a seamless flow of information for the knowledge society".

Thomas Marty, Managing Director SLSP
Life-long learning and access with a user centric digital identity

Early on in the process of choosing the right infrastructure for their services, SLSP decided to collaborate with SWITCH as identity provider. "We wanted a centralised user management in SLSP," explains Basil Marti, sub-project manager data migration. "A central source of user data and an authentication option open to all SLSP clients, in which each person appears only once. SWITCH edu-ID has fulfilled these requirements perfectly". SWITCH edu-ID is a personal, user centric and lifelong digital identity to access academic services, to which more and more Swiss universities are migrating to from SWITCHaai.

With the launch of SLSP in December, many Swiss university members will use SWITCH edu-ID, even if their institution hasn’t migrated yet.

Read more about the collaboration between SLSP and SWITCH.

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