SWITCH edu-ID, the key to swisscovery

The new research platform for academic media, swisscovery, launches on 7 December 2020. This will make many things easier for library users, thanks in no small part to the universal login SWITCH edu-ID.

Testo: Christoph Graf, pubblicato il 24.11.2020

The SWITCH edu-ID allows university members and other users to log in to services both within and outside of academic facilities with a single, universally usable digital identity that never expires. From 7 December, swisscovery will be one of those services. Up to one million library users will benefit from this service.

One login for everything

More than 300,000 university members already have a SWITCH edu-ID. Dr Alexandre Gachet, Director of IT Services of the University of Fribourg, is pleased that his university is already working with the SWITCH edu-ID:

We’re glad that we’ve already implemented the SWITCH edu-ID. Our students and employees can log in to swisscovery directly starting on 7 December

Dr. Alexandre Gachet, Director of IT Services of the University of Fribourg

University affiliates who don’t yet have a SWITCH edu-ID can now create one free of charge using their existing university login. This will give them access to swisscovery with the expanded rights of university members.

The fact that SWITCH is providing the identity solution for swisscovery simplifies our preparations for the introduction of the SWITCH edu-ID at UZH because many of our users will already have a SWITCH edu-ID next year.

Roberto Mazzoni, Deputy Director of IT Services of the University of Zurich

SLSP runs swisscovery

The Swiss Library Service Platform (SLSP) was established in 2015 by 15 libraries. The platform consolidates scholarly information from 470 libraries throughout Switzerland. This makes information accessible and easy to find for students, teaching staff, and researchers.

About the SWITCH edu-ID

The SWITCH edu-ID is the personal digital identity of all university member and other users. It can be used not only at the user’s own university, but at all participating institutions as well as other services, including swisscovery. The login never expires and supports life-long learning. The SWITCH edu-ID meets the highest security standards. The data remains in Switzerland and is covered by Swiss data protection provisions.

Support for helpdesks

SWITCH is available to advise the helpdesks of the IT services of Swiss universities in case of confusion or questions related to the SWITCH edu-ID via SWITCH edu-ID Support.

Christoph   Graf

Christoph Graf

Nel 1986 Christoph Graf si è laureato in ingegneria elettronica presso il Politecnico di Zurigo. Nel 1991 è entrato al servizio di SWITCH. Dopo un intervallo a Cambridge presso DANTE, è ritornato a SWITCH nel 1998. Oggi dirige il settore Supporting Operations.

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