SWITCHhub is becoming tangible

At ICT Focus, Marco Dütsch, Head of Digital Solutions & Coordination at SWITCH, demonstrated the latest developments in the organisation of SWITCHhub. The platform should be ready to provide the first free services by the end of the year, with the first fee-based services following in the first quarter of 2019. The market launch is currently being developed.

Testo: Séverine Jagmetti, pubblicato il 27.11.2018

Fundamentally, SWITCHhub is a platform for ‘cloud brokerage’. This means that any interested organisation in the university community can select the services and applications that it needs to cover its own requirements. Universities can also offer their own services to other interested parties.

The platform is embedded in SWITCH’s billing system and is made accessible to users via the SWITCHedu-ID. SWITCH is responsible for SWITCHhub’s technical operation, but the platform is administered by the community. The Guidelines Board, which is made up of members of the university community and SWITCH employees, ensures the necessary independence and balance.

First demo version inspires anticipation 

SWITCHhub offers three different types of solution:

  • Solutions from the academic sector
  • Solutions from the commercial sector
  • Solutions from SWITCH

SWITCH offers solution providers from the academic sector comprehensive support with service management, billing, legal issues and marketing. Commercial providers also enjoy a comprehensive package of services, excluding marketing support. In future, greater automation will be offered in the field of Infrastructure as a Service products. This is currently being developed by the community.

As a consumer of services, a university can select in SWITCHhub whether it wants a store operated by SWITCH, or whether it wants its own store that can be designed to match its particular needs. 


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