SWITCHhub’s pilot phase launches

SWITCHhub’s pilot phase successfully kicked off in March 2019. It combines digital solutions for research and teaching, and is subject to the supervision of the university community via the Guidelines Board.

Testo: Livia Herzog, pubblicato il 03.05.2019

SWITCHhub creates added value for various stakeholders within the university community, starting with platform customers. SWITCHhub is a one-stop shop for students and researchers: not only does it provide end users with academic and commercial services, it also offers services from SWITCH. Access is regulated via SWITCH edu-ID. IT departments can also use SWITCHhub to provide end users with digital solutions and to retrieve usage statistics. Finally, providers of academic and commercial services can also benefit from the platform. Among other advantages, they gain access to more than 300,000 university members across the whole of Switzerland.

Easy licence addition and removal

Users can easily obtain and delete service licences via SWITCHhub. Each user sees at a glance which services are available and which they have already subscribed to. 

Kick-off and 2019 roadmap

Adobe Creative Cloud, the first commercial service to be made available to participating universities via SWITCHhub, is now online. Various SWITCH services (SWITCHengines, SWITCHdrive, SWITCHtube, SWITCHcast, SWITCHfilesender, SWITCHportfolio and SWITCHinteract) will be available from mid-May. Further commercial services such as Google G Suite, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365 and Serif are being added on an ongoing basis. Academic services such as the University of Zurich’s Klicker, ETH Zurich’s openRDM.swiss and ZHAW’s R-Studio as a Service will follow later this year.

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