SWITCH Foundation Committee now has seven members

In June 2018, two new members joined the SWITCH Foundation Committee from the Foundation Council, taking it to a total of seven representatives. The vacancy that arose when Didier Rey stepped down from his role as representative of EPFL was also filled. These new members bring additional valuable specialist expertise and leadership skills to the SWITCH Foundation’s strategic governing body.

Testo: Séverine Jagmetti, pubblicato il 28.08.2018

The SWITCH Foundation Council elected the following members to the Foundation Committee from among its ranks:

  • Jeanette Frey, Director of the Bibiothèque Cantonale et Universitaire Lausanne (BCUL) and representative for the Conference of University Libraries (KUB)
  • Dr Alexandre Gachet, Director of IT Services at the University of Fribourg and representative for the canton of Fribourg
  • Thomas Sutter, CIO and representative for the University of Zurich

The new members have been elected to the Foundation Committee for the remainder of the period of office, which lasts until the Foundation Council meeting in November 2019. The SWITCH Foundation Council and Management Board would like to thank the new members for accepting the responsibility and wish them all the best in their new role.

Peter Kofmel was once again elected Chairman of the SWITCH Foundation Council in June 2018. As a lawyer and notary, he now acts as an independent president, without an affiliation to any educational institution. Peter Kofmel has been a member of the Foundation Council since 2003 as the representative for FHNW, and assumed the role of Chairman in March 2016.



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