SWITCH Security Report November/December 2022

SWITCH Security Report on the latest IT security and privacy trends.

Pubblicato il 16.12.2022

The new SWITCH Security Report is online, covering the following topics:

  • PII times browser equals security gap? Chrome and Edge transmit personal data to Google and Microsoft
  • Third appeal by the NCSC: another 2,800 Microsoft Exchange servers at risk
  • Malware on the go: adware, harmful software and phishing in official app stores
  • WhatsApp in the darknet? Almost half a billion telephone numbers up for sale and exploit
  • Between ‘vast progress’ and ‘unprecedented risk’: the new online ID, EUid
  • As long as it makes money, it’s fine: Amazon pays USD 2 premium to monitor traffic on customer smartphones

The SWITCH Security Report is available in English and German.

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