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SWITCH Security Report 2019-05/06

The new SWITCH Security Report is online, covering the following topics: Brought to light: Federal Crime Office closes down the world’s second largest illegal dark web marketplace WhatsApp, state trojans? Or, why the city of San...


Swisspower launches cooperation for cybersecurity

There is an increasing risk of cyber attacks on the energy infrastructure that challenges energy supply companies. Together with the SWITCH foundation, Swisspower has therefore launched a platform in which municipal utilities can...


Updated service descriptions

All SWITCH service descriptions have been revised and are now available in German and French on the Community Portal.  


Security Report 2019-03/04

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: Lenin and the detectives: Mobiispy stalkerware can make highly personal data collected while monitoring children and partners publicly accessible Ransomware trojan...


Security Report 2019-01/02

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: Company networks at serious risk: recent waves of malspam have been spreading the multifunctional trojan Emotet, targeting Windows devices in particular Phishing,...


Security Report 2018-11/12

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: SiSyPHuS gives Windows 10 low marks for data protection and security Vivy app suffering from multiple diseases: security researchers uncover several...


SWITCH sells switchplus to Combell Group

SWITCH is focussing on its university business and is selling its subsidiary switchplus to Belgium’s Combell Group, effective 12 December 2018. All employees will be retained. The parties agreed not to disclose the purchase...


A look back at Educause 2018

The Educause conference, aimed at the education sector, took place this year from 30 October to 2 November in Denver. The around 8,000 participants took the opportunity to exchange ideas and share their experiences in lectures,...


10 years of eduhub: video statement from Geneva

Pierre-Yves Burgi is Deputy CIO at University of Geneva. In a video message, he explains how the eduhub community came into being and how he continues to benefit from the platform. As part of eduhub’s 10-year anniversary, people who...


Security Report 2018-9/10: 15 months later

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: Turning Good instead of Breaking Bad? Hacking to fend off other hackers What do a firefighter and Google Chrome 69 have in common? 15 months later: new attacks, same...