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SWITCH welcomes cybersecurity rapid test for SMEs

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The FUTURE UNIVERSITY study, created exclusively for the SWITCH Community, is now available for download. The FUTURE UNIVERSITY study deals with the long-term developments and fields of action in the Swiss higher education...


Security Report 2018-7/8: Amazon Rekognition

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: An own goal and serious foul: Spanish football league’s app turns 10 million users into involuntarily spies Amazon Rekognition – useful security and convenience tool...


'A step in the right direction, but a small one.'

On 3 July, the Federal Council made the preliminary decision to set up a centre of excellence for cybersecurity. ‘This is a step in the right direction, but only a small one. It’s neither consistent enough nor does it move anywhere...


10 years of eduhub: video statement from Zurich

Dr Eva Seiler Schiedt works on multimedia and e-learning services in the University of Zurich’s central IT department. In a video message, she explains how the eduhub community came into being and how she continues to benefit from...


Security Report 2018-5/6: Sonic waves on the attac

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: Microsoft will never contact you by phone: support scam continues to gain momentum "Efail" between hype and disaster: the security world needs to learn...


SWITCH supports secure routing

The SWITCH foundation officially operates a MANRS-compliant network. MANRS stands for "Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security". It is a global initiative that uses binding regulations for network operators to eliminate...


Two new Tor servers in the SWITCH network

Digitale Gesellschaft has been operating two new Tor exit nodes in SWITCHlan since the end of April 2018. The Tor Project and the services based on it offer users increased privacy. You can find further details in the Digitale...


10 years of eduhub: video statement from Ticino

Stefano Tardini, Head of the Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)’s eLab, explains the value of eduhub for his work in a video message. As part of eduhub’s 10-year anniversary, people who have helped to shape the platform will...


Security Report 2018-03: dark side of Data Force

The new Security Report is online, covering the following topics: The dark side of the Data Force: Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, and the pressing question of who is using whose data for what News from the world of state trojans:...