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Are you ready to start your career? Discover the exciting opportunities at SWITCH.

SWITCH is a company that offers talented young people several ways of gaining professional experience at the start of their careers. Start your professional life with either a part-time job or an internship. Arrange your working hours so that you can work part-time while you study. Once you’ve completed your training, you have the option of applying for a junior position in IT. Alternatively, dive in head first and complete your ICT apprenticeship at SWITCH.

We offer you a meaningful job in an organisation that creates the greatest possible benefit for educational and research institutions. We look forward to receiving your application.

Complete your apprenticeship in Computer Science

Complete your apprenticeship in Computer Science

Would you like to learn how to plan networks, implement software solutions, put server systems into operation and process complex support requests? Then apply to SWITCH for a four-year apprenticeship as an EFZ computer scientist - specialising in application or platform development. During your apprenticeship, you will get to know various departments and be supervised by motivated and qualified vocational trainers. You will complete the basic apprenticeship year at the vocational training centre. We are looking for young people with good grades in mathematics and science (Sek level A). Logical thinking, creativity and a high level of concentration are very important for this position. We offer career exploration days several times a year. We publish open apprenticeship positions on our job portal.

Get started with an internship in IT

Get started with an internship in IT

During an internship, you’ll gain an in-depth insight into our work and get to know our clients and the range of services we offer. Our internships usually last between six and 12 months. Part-time options are also available. Experienced SWITCHies are on hand to coach you. Our students’ defining traits are their outstanding initiative and enthusiasm for learning. We regularly advertise the following vacancies: DevOps Engineer, Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Security Engineer, Network Engineer

Join as a junior and carve out a career

Join as a junior and carve out a career

Students and juniors with up to three years of professional experience can quickly acquire extensive expertise at SWITCH – both on and off the job. We’re always on the lookout for talented computer science, business information systems and electrical engineering students to fill positions such as Junior Network Engineer, Security Engineer or System Administrator.
We offer committed young people interesting opportunities for promotion. Shoulder more responsibility or even take ownership of a project if you’re looking for a new challenge. In addition to our numerous benefits, you will also enjoy a healthy work-life balance at SWITCH.

Events calendar

Career Information Day

Are you in secondary school and would like to learn more about the profession of computer scientist? At our one-day event (in German!), you will gain an insight into the apprenticeship in IT - specialising in application development and platform development. 

CareerLunch @ SWITCH

Take the opportunity for a virtual or physical exchange with our SWITCHies and find out if you fit us and we fit you. Register now:


How the application process works

1. Send us your application

Apply for your chosen advertised position using our website. Upload your prepared cover letter and CV (minimum requirements), as well as other relevant documents as PDF files to our platform.

2. Look out for our invite

We will review your application and invite suitable applicants for an initial interview. There will be a second round of interviews if both you and we are still interested in working together after the first round.

3. Sign the contract

If both you and we believe that we’d like to work together in future, we will clarify the last unanswered questions. After that, you will sign your employment contract. Welcome to SWITCH!


SWITCH is a great employer with flexible working hours and a pleasant working atmosphere. At SWITCH, I get detailed insights into the essentials needed to keep the internet running. This concentration of such knowledge can only be found in a few companies throughout Switzerland. The well-being of the apprentices is vital at SWITCH and is highly prioritised.

Haisam, Apprentice

Programming is like modern magic for me. And this was the key component in my decision to tackle an apprenticeship as a computer scientist specializing in application development at SWITCH. Here, I got the opportunity to work independently, solve problems and develop further in various teams within the company. I can now continue to count on the support of the family working atmosphere at SWITCH during my vocational baccalaureate year.

Skender, Apprentice