We offer the following services:




  • Privacy statements
  • Data processing agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements

We draft various legal documents as templates. Templates help you to work more efficiently and to reduce costs. If necessary, we adapt the templates and develop them further.




  • License agreements
  • Software development and maintenance agreements
  • Outsourcing agreements
  • SLAs

We draft, review and adapt contracts to the needs of universities. If necessary, we also support you with contract negotiations.




  • Terms of licenses 
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of things (IoT)

We analyse legl questions in ICT law, for example in connection with drafting of contracts, ICT projects and ICT compliance and provide specific advice on how to implement them in practice.


Legal opinions


  • Terms of licenses
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet of things (IoT)

We prepare comprehensive legal opinions on complex legal questions in ICT law and provide concrete advice on how to implement them in practice.




  • Presentations
  • Panel discussions
  • Training sessions
  • Workshops

We hold presentations on ICT law topics and take part in panel discussions. In addition, we conduct training sessions and workshops. 


 You are welcome to contact us by telephone or email:

+41 44 268 15 15


Anna Kuhn
MLaw, Lawyer/Attorney-at-law, CIPP/E
Data Protection Officer
+41 44 253 98 05


Nora Zinsli
Lic. iur., Lawyer/Attorney-at-law, LL.M., CIPP/E
General Counsel
+41 44 253 98 08

Angelo Marchetta
Legal Counsel
+41 44 253 98 06