Ensuring a smooth exchange of data by being as transparent as possible.

All the information you need

If data traffic has to run smoothly in the education and research network, any malfunctions need to be rectified without delay. It is equally important for us to maintain a constant dialogue with the partners concerned and to ensure they are notified at an early stage. To achieve this transparency, we provide SWITCHlan customers with operational information by different means.

Keep informed in the event of incidents

Our trouble ticket system allows network customers to stay up-to-date on current incidents or on work that is being conducted on SWITCHlan. SWITCH uses the trouble ticket system to detect, classify and analyse all interruptions to the system.

What is the weather like today?

The SWITCHlan weather map has nothing to do with the current weather situation in the meteorological sense. Instead, it shows the current load on all the SWITCHlan links.

As part of our partnership-based approach, SWITCH gives customers access to detailed traffic statistics. This includes tables and traffic charts providing information on the loads on the network connections for each organisation connected.

Please use the link to the right to access the SWITCHlan Traffic Viewer.

Our peering guidelines

Detailed guidelines for SWITCH's peering partners may be found in our peering policy. 


SWITCHlan Traffic Viewer

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