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Ticket 20071120_1

Ticket Number: 20071120_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2007-11-19 17:50Ticket Closed: 2007-11-23 17:25
Ticket Description: DWDM transceiver problem in Neuch√Ętel

Problem Description:

On Sunday Nov 18, 2007, 11:20, the concatenated Ethernet link channel 15/31:4 GE-EL-NE-OL-ZH went down. This incident was not considered a serious problem, as this particular channel isn't connected to router ports anywhere.

Port 4 of the DWDM quad GE transceiver mNE12-c3 located in Neuch√Ętel, which started to flap every couple of minutes at that time, is suspected to be the root of the problem.


From 2007-11-18 11:20 until undefined
Impact: slightly reduced redundancy
Sites/Services: UNINE


2007-11-23 17:19
The defective module has been successfully replaced. All Gigabit Ethernet channels between Geneva and Zurich are back to normal operation. Routing metrics have been reset as well.

2007-11-22 16:30
Update from Deltanet: the new transceiver has arrived. I has been tested and preconfigured already. The replacement is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

2007-11-19 17:45
Update from Deltanet: a replacement transceiver has been ordered from Sorrento Europe in Stuttgart

2007-11-19 14:30
The operational link el2 - ne2 stops working after a card restart. Traffic is flowing through alternative links both in western and eastern directions

2007-11-19 14:00
Problem escalated to Deltanet Support

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