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Ticket 20180301_1

Ticket Number: 20180301_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2018-03-01 09:00Ticket Closed: 2018-03-02 09:10
Ticket Description: Scheduled fiber interruption of BA-BE and integration of Node BF
Scheduled Starttime: 2018-03-01 09:00:00Scheduled Endtime: 2018-03-01 17:00:00

Problem Description:

We are upgrading our backbone by integrating a new node between our nodes in Basel and Bern.
For that, we'll be interrupting the backbone between Basel and Bern.
However, we do not expect any traffic interruption.
In a few cases higher RTTs would be expected.


From 2018-03-01 09:58 until 2018-03-01 14:33
Impact: no more redundancy
Service: network access
Sites: RKAU


2018-03-02 09:10
The upgrade was concluded successfully inside the given time slot.
The node BF is integrated into our backbone.

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