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Ticket 20080120_1

Ticket Number: 20080120_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2008-01-20 18:44Ticket Closed: 2008-01-23 09:13
Ticket Description: Layer 2 issues at SwissIX (Zurich/Basel)

Problem Description:

The shared Ethernet switching fabric at the SwissIX exchange point (www.swissix.ch) was unstable for about two hours on Sunday afternoon. This caused us to lose all peerings with other ISPs over SwissIX, and temporarily overloaded our router swiIX1 at Equinix (formerly IXEurope) Zurich 1.


From 2008-01-20 14:11 until 2008-01-20 15:27
Impact: Partial loss of connectivity
Sites/Services: External destinations


2008-01-23 09:13
Everything has been stable for two and a half days, so we close the ticket. We will continue to follow SwissIX' efforts to make the shared fabric more robust, and are improving our own network's monitoring and protection mechanisms.

2008-01-20 17:13
Reactivated the SwissIX ports, most peerings came back up fine.

2008-01-20 16:45
An engineer from SwissIX contacted us with a preliminary diagnoses, and to inform us that the problematic port has been disabled.

2008-01-20 15:27
After noticing the instability, we shut down our router/switch ports to the SwissIX fabric, and contacted SwissIX about the issue.

2008-01-20 14:11
Our devices connected to SwissIX started logging excessive address re-learning events. This caused CPU overload and loss of all peerings over SwissIX.

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