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Ticket 20091028_1

Ticket Number: 20091028_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2009-10-28 09:21Ticket Closed: 2011-06-07 09:56
Ticket Description: ITIS/Speag unreachable due to power work

Problem Description:

Because of an upgrade in the electrical power distribution at the site, the SWITCH router (swiITIS2.switch.ch) and connection at ITIS/Speag was down for slightly more than an hour this morning.


From 2009-10-28 06:53 until 2009-10-28 08:09
Impact: no more redundancy
Sites/Services: ITIS


2009-10-28 09:10
Called the customer, who explained the Reason For Outage.

2009-10-28 08:10
The router was powered up and became reachable again.

2009-10-28 06:53
The connection to swiITIS2 was lost.

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