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Ticket 20070310_1

Ticket Number: 20070310_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2007-03-10 10:07Ticket Closed: 2008-01-16 13:51
Ticket Description: Waedenswil WAFH1 not reachable

Problem Description:

10.03.07 10:00
Waedenswil router rtrWAFH1 not reachable since 08:00 this morning.


2007-03-10 14:31
The router rtrWAFH1 is reachable again since 14:00. The problem could be solved by rebooting a misbehaving ATM device in Cablecom's backbone.

2007-03-10 10:15
We informed Cablecom. They found an ATM port of one of their routers which is down. Cablecom will investigate and give feedback.

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