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Ticket 20070803_1

Ticket Number: 20070803_1Ticket State: CLOSED
Ticket Opened: 2007-08-03 07:19Ticket Closed: 2007-08-03 13:53
Ticket Description: Short-circuit 1 power rack IWB

Problem Description:

2007-08-03 05:17
One of our devices in IWB Rack might have caused a short circuit on one of the two power lines.
Affected is the monitoring of most equipment at IWB and the link to SwissIX.
IP-traffic of our Backbone and access to the sites in Basel is not affected.


2007-08-03 11:44
The power supply has been replaced by Deltanet.

2007-08-03 10:03
The DWDM power supply 2/2 has caused the short circuit and has been switched off. Deltanet is informed and will replace the power supply.

2007-08-03 07:10
Mr. Schäubli from IWB informed about the problem with the fuse 142F1. Resetting the fuse didn't cure the problem.

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