SWITCHlan Services

High quality, straightforward IP based network services

SWITCHlan IP Access

SWITCH offers redundant IP access connections with bandwidths from 100 Mbit/s up to 100 Gbit/s. We connect institutions of higher education and research to the global research networks as well as to the commercial Internet.

Optical Private Network (OPN)

SWITCH offers point-to-point and multi-point Ethernet networks between the PoP's on the SWITCHlan backbone. This service is called Optical Private Network (OPN). The Ethernet networks are protocol-transparent on layer 2, in particular also for VLAN tags (IEEE 802.1Q). OPNs are implemented as virtual networks. They benefit automatically from the redundancy of the SWITCHlan backbone and are thus highly reliable.

Dedicated Lambda

In cases where the optical infrastructure is available, it is also possible to offer exclusively switched optical channels (lambdas) between two network nodes. Point-to-point links of this type offer a guaranteed bandwidth. But usually, by their very nature, they are not redundant. Maintenance work on fibres or transmission devices, unplanned device failures or defective glass fibres lead to interruptions in the connection. With the latest upgrade of our optical transmission system on the backbone, we are able to offer protected lambdas or OTN (G.709) links as well. In case of a fiber break, the transmission system automatically switches to a backup fiber path.