Junior web designers honoured

SWITCH honours web projects by 11 primary and secondary school classes at the Kongresshaus Zürich today. The winners were chosen from 113 entrants. Their hard work has earned them a great deal of recognition and some attractive prizes.

Published on 19.05.2015

"We’re impressed with how the students have worked with their teachers to produce websites on a wide range of different themes," says SWITCH’s Urs Eppenberger. The web projects feature entertaining and in-depth content dealing with a variety of topics, from games that students have thought up themselves to environmental protection and even a critical appraisal of aid organisations.

Poschiavo beats rest of Switzerland

The year 6 project entitled “Convergenza” (Convergence), which is all about smartphones, has won both the first prize in the primary category and the jury prize. “It impresses with very appealing design, excellent attention to detail and rigorous implementation of the concept behind the site,” says the jury. The children present various outdated digital tools and describe how a single device now does the job of all of them.  

The first prize for the most creative web project in the secondary 1 category goes to class 3GA at Sandbänkli secondary school in Bischofszell, Thurgau. It designed an interactive training platform that teaches HTML coding in an intuitive way.

The secondary 2 category has been won by class INF3 at Ecole des Métiers Techniques in Porrentruy, Jura. It produced two mobile apps to guide visitors around the town.

Prizes for all

Each student receives a tablet, a colour laser printer or a pair of Samsung headphones – depending on their place in the ranking – together with a certificate at the awards ceremony in the Kongresshaus Zürich.

As winners of the jury prize, the students from Poschiavo can look forward to a whole day of activities with professional cyclist Marco Marvulli, who will teach them all about how sport is practised at the very highest level. The winners of the public prize and the Google favourite prize receive vouchers for an adventure day at Microsoft and Google respectively.

Promoting the next generation of web experts

SWITCH launched this competition to promote young talent back in 2007. The Junior Web Award offers students all over Switzerland an opportunity to create their own website and practice using web technologies through play. SWITCH helps them by supplying information material and an easy-to-use content management system.

The Junior Web Award online:

The winners: SWITCH Junior Web Award 2015 rankings

1st to 3rd place, primary

1st place: Scuola elementare, year 6, Poschiavo.
Project title: Convergenza (Connvergenza)

2nd place: Tagesschule Limmat B, years 5 and 6, Zurich.
Project title: Wir retten die Welt! (Saving the World)

3rd place: Primarschule Hofstetten, years 4-6, Hofstetten.
Project title: Reise ins Weltall (Journey into Space)

1st to 3rd place, secondary 1

1st place: Oberstufe Sandbänkli, class 3GA, Bischofszell.
Project title: HTML für Anfänger (HTML for Beginners)

2nd place: Schule Meisterschwanden, PR group 2, Meisterschwanden.
Project title: Hilfswerke im Visier (Spotlight on Aid Organisations)

3rd place: Sekundarschule Blumenau, class 2a, St. Gallen.
Project title: Kleidermarken (Clothing Brands)

1st to 3rd place, secondary 2

1st place: Ecole des Métiers Techniques, class INF3, Porrentruy.
Project title: Visiter Porrentruy (Visit Porrentruy)

2nd place: Kantonsschule Trogen, class EFI-KST-2, Trogen.
Project title: purples

3rd place: Fach- und Wirtschaftsmittelschulzentrum Luzern, class W2a, Lucerne.
Project title: Qanta Bag

Jury prize

Scuola elementare, year 6, Poschiavo.
Project title: Convergenza (Convergence)

Public prize

GIBM, class IAP 12A, Pratteln.
Project title: The Thing

Google favourite prize

Etablissement de Praz-Routoz, class 8P/1 OUL, Chexbres.
Project title: Trésors en Lavaux (Treasures in Lavaux)


Students in the winning classes each receive the following:

1st prize, provided courtesy of Samsung: tablet
2nd prize, provided courtesy of Samsung: colour laser printer
3rd prize, provided courtesy of Samsung: headphones

Public prize for the project that won the public vote, provided courtesy of Microsoft: an adventure day at Microsoft

Jury prize for the best project as voted by the jury, provided courtesy of Samsung: a project day at school with professional cyclist Franco Marvulli

Google favourite prize for the most exciting and entertaining website, provided courtesy of Google Switzerland: an adventure day at Google Switzerland

Head judge: Claudio Dionisio