More Phishing on Swiss Websites

Internet security 2014: 33% fall in malware cases, increase in phishing activity on Swiss websites. SWITCH found malware on approximately 1,800 websites in 2014, a fall of roughly a third compared with 2013. It expanded the automated process for combating the misuse of Swiss websites in the fourth quarter to cover phishing as well. Over 300 cases of phishing involving Swiss websites were identified in total last year.

Published on 31.03.2015

More fraud, but less harmful code on Swiss websites: SWITCH uncovered 1,839 cases of malware last year, roughly a third below the total of 2,718 recorded in 2013. In 1,493 of these cases, domain holders removed the harmful code after receiving the first notification from SWITCH. However, there was an increase in the number of phishing cases. Serge Droz, Head of SWITCH-CERT, SWITCH’s security team, comments: "We saw a sharp increase in the number of phishing reports SWITCH received compared with 2013. This prompted SWITCH to start notifying holders of websites affected by phishing automatically via e-mail as of 1 October 2014." The number of phishing cases increased almost fivefold between the first and fourth quarters. The removal process is the same as for malware: SWITCH checks websites for phishing and notifies the holder when it is found. In 2014, SWITCH recorded 323 cases of phishing, and the phishing site was removed after the first notification in 298 of these.