Swiss economy makes online security its priority

Joining forces to confront cybercrime. With this in mind, Internet providers, banks and other partners have founded the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA). SISA has launched a security check which allows users to verify and optimize their devices.

Published on 11.09.2014

Swiss online services are seen as secure and trustworthy. In order to be able to live up to this reputation in the future, leading representatives of the Swiss economy have founded the Swiss Internet Security Alliance(SISA). This cross-sector partnership underscores its members' commitment to security for their services and their customers.

Offering more security

The founding of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance is a sign of its members' commitment to making the Internet a secure place in Switzerland. The association brings together expert knowledge from representatives of various sectors and promotes information-sharing amongst competitors." The cooperative exchange allows us to recognize threats more quickly and to combat them more effectively. All companies and users stand to benefit from a consistently high security standard" says Florian Schütz, representative of the banks on the SISA board.

Overcoming challenges together

The Swiss Internet Security Alliance's focuses on its main assets - the knowledge, experience and technical expertise of its members. Its members asut, Centralway, Credit Suisse, cyscon Schweiz, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hostpoint, Migros Bank, PostFinance, Raiffeisen, Sunrise, Swisscard, Swisscom, SWITCH, UBS, upc cablecom and Viseca have longstanding experience in dealing with online security. "Cybercrime's increasing professionalism is a challenge for all service providers. Thanks to in-depth collaboration, Switzerland is keeping pace with developments and can improve its security in a sustainable way", says Serge Droz, Head of Security, SWITCH. The association is open to other interested parties.

Comprehensive security check

Upon founding the association, the Swiss Internet Security Alliance is launching a security check. "Thanks to the Swiss Security Check, users can simply and independently verify and optimize their devices' security", says Philipp Rütsche, CEO at cyscon Schweiz. "Regularly checking the security of devices with Internet access should be as normal as taking your car to be serviced." The Swiss Security Check provides protection on three levels. Users with outdated or incorrectly configured software who are therefore subject to a security risk, will find this out within seconds. If there is suspicion of malware, the malware cleaner helps with the diagnosis and resolution of the problems. A cyber vaccine completes the protection and keeps electronic pests at bay.

The Swiss Security Check is free and can be accessed at