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Order SSL Certificates through the legacy system

SWITCHpki QuoVadis certificate request form

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Certificate signing request (CSR)

Paste your CSR into the text box below (in PEM/Base64 encoded format, either with or without the enclosing BEGIN/END lines).

Note: specific requirements may apply to the procedure at your own organization - check with your registration authority (contact information) before submitting your first request. Generic instructions are available under How to request a SWITCHpki QuoVadis certificate.

Or upload a CSR file:

If applicable, specify additional DNS aliases - i.e. host names resolving to the same IP address - which should be included in the certificate (separate multiple names by comma):

Type of certificate  

Validity: Mandatory limitation of the maximum validity of TLS/SSL certificates to 397 days according to the current CA Browser Forum baselines.

Technical contact

The technical contact is usually the person who is in charge of configuring the certificate on the server (and is responsible for maintaining adequate protection of its private key).

A message with further instructions for retrieving the certificate will be delivered to the address specified in the E-mail address field, and expiration warnings will go to this address as well. In general, a role related e-mail address should be used.

First name
Last name
E-mail address
Phone number
(e.g. +41 98 765 43 21)