Subscribe to SWITCHportfolio

Provide your lecturers with this handy tool

Who can use SWITCHportfolio?

SWITCHportfolio can only be subscribed to by entire universities. All members of a subscribing university – students, teachers and staff – can use SWITCHportfolio as long as they are affiliated with the university.

If you are interested in using the tool in your lecture, contact your local IT departement. They know the procedure how to subscribe to a SWITCH service.

Can I try it out first?

Test subscription for entire Instiutions

SWITCH has an offering for organisations to test SWITCHportfolio. The duration
and scope of the test are agreed with the product owner beforehand, but are normally limited to three months. 

This test subscription is free of charge for the organisation.

Test accounts for Individuals

Individuals can test SWITCHportfolio to a limited extent. Please get in contact with the procuct owner about the details how to create a test-account.

The test is free of charge for individual users. No support can be offered for users whose organisation has not subscribed to SWITCHportfolio.