About us

SWITCH’s Computer Emergency Response Team is the first point of contact for customers with IT security issues. Most the time, it learns of problems before its customers do and starts working to fix them immediately. Thanks to its worldwide network of partners, SWITCH-CERT effectively handles incidents across national borders.

SWITCH-CERT is the most established and leading CERT in Switzerland. Founded more than twenty years ago, it now compromises 13 top experts and covers a broad range of specialist fields.

SWITCH-CERT is an active member of the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST) and was the second team to receive full Trusted Introducer (TI) certification.

SWITCH-CERT has its roots in Switzerland. Its close ties to the Internet community in Switzerland make it the prime contact for issues originating in Switzerland. SWITCH shows its commitment to Switzerland in many ways, for example by being a founding member of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance.

Active Memberships