Multimedia to boost your security awareness

SWITCH-CERT's instructional videos let Internet users take a look "behind the scenes" of their computers. We give you tips and show you tricks to help you protect your own computer from Internet attacks. The films are available in German.

Backup your data

A very large number of items of important or private data are stored on your computer, and you would really hate to lose them. In order to prevent that from happening (for instance by mistakes you make yourself or hardware defects), every user ought to produce a complete copy (backup) of their system and keep this in a secure place. Our film shows you how to do that in practice.



Protect yourself with a virus scanner

Anyone surfing the internet must protect their computer against worms and other pests. It is true that various producers of anti-virus programs are specialised in this field, but it is possible to be protected without them by using “Windows Defender”. Our film shows you how to set up and use this protective program correctly.



Monitor the access to your computer with a firewall

Clothing protects our bodies from the elements – i.e. the cold or rain. Don't simply leave your computer standing there unprotected. This film shows you how to activate the firewall in your computer, so that it will be defended against attacks from the internet.



Update your computer regularly

Just like a motorcar, a computer also needs regular servicing and checks for possible weaknesses. In this film we show you how you can check and update your computer – and it can even be done completely automatically.



Use secure passwords

In order to have access to your computer and to internet services, such as webmail or online banking, you are required to identify yourself, which you do by means of a user name and password. Our film shows you what makes a password secure and how to handle it correctly. You can then rest assured that no one will get hold of your sensitive data or abuse your mail account.



Attacks during basic surfing

An attacker can gain access to your computer unnoticed whilst you are surfing the Internet as usual. Here we show you how he goes about it. The type of attack that we introduce here is known as a "drive-by infection". The video complements "Mac OS X security".



Social Hacking

This video shows you how attackers get hold of the top access rights on the Mac system using social engineering – skilled manipulation of their victims. The film should also be viewed as a complement to the "Mac OS X Security" document.