Ā«Hack The HackerĀ» - the escape room

A criminal hacker has infected the computer system of your organization with ransomware. All data is encrypted. Your team has to outwit the hacker and rescue the data. Will you discover the decryption code?

Gain the knowledge. Face the threat. Hack The Hacker.


The escape room

Ransomware in your organization

A click on a link in an email infects the computer system of your organization with ransonmware. It's up to you and your colleagues to rescue the data. You have to put down the attack of the criminal hacker. 

The mission of your team is to discover the code that revokes the encryption executed by the malicious software. Together with up to 6 people you have to search the hacker's den for hidden hints and clues. 

In order to find them and to solve all the puzzles you have to turn into hackers yourselves. Outwit the hacker and save your organization!

The participants learn more about the following topics:    

Phisher fish for information of value. Using faked e-mails they try to steal passwords and credit card data or distribute malicious software.

More information and tips: 

Did you ever spill coffee over your laptop? Or did you hear about ransomware? These are only two of several scenarios in which a data backup would save you and your data from the worst consequences. 

More information and tipps:

Even trash can be interesting for data thiefs. In order to find sensitive information, criminals also search through wastepaper baskets. That's why documents containing sensitive information should be shredded before dumping. USB drives or hard drives should be deleted properly and brought to the appropriate disposal places.

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Using social engineering techniques criminal hackers hack people. With the help of psychological tricks, they want to push their victim into revealing sensitive information, such as passwords.

More information and tricks:

  • book to read: The Art of Deception by Kevin Mitnick (e/f/d/i)
  • movie to watch: Catch me if you can with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks (e/f/d/i)

The brute-force approach is a problem solving method for computer science, cryptology and game theory. Hacking a password using brute-force consists in trying all possible character combinations until the correct one is found.

More information and tips:

To protect your data you need strong passwords. Those consist of at least 10 characters and contain numbers, upper and lower cases as well as special characters.

Additionally they should be unique. Every online account is worthy of its own password: Instagram, Twitter, Ricardo, E-Mail and E-Banking.

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Encryption or "ciphering" is the conversion of a normal text into a secret one. This secret text can only be read by persons that have the "key" or "code" to revoke the encryption.

Encryption is fundamental for a all security measures. 

What is ransomware?  

Ransomware is malware that encrypts all the data on the infected computer. Without the correct decryption code the data is lost. The attacker is making money out of it, through blackmailing the data owner: money in exchange for the code. 

It is advised not to pay the ransom because there is no guarantee for getting back the data.

Between April 2016 and March 2017 more than 2.5 Mio. users have been confronted with ransomware. 2017 every second company was affected. The average damage per organization adds up to around CHF 123'000 per case. 


Hack The Hacker


Duration: ca. 2 h
Number of participants: max. 6 pers.
Target group: employees of all fields, students
Location:  SWITCH
Werdstrasse 2
8004 Zurich
Price: on request

The website "No More Ransom!" helps victims of ransomware decrypting the data without paying the ransom to the criminals.