SWITCH Security Awareness Adventures - Learn to think like a hacker

Hands-on security awareness experiences. «Hack The Hacker» in the escape room, «Track The Hacker» in the outdoor quest or try to save your «Piece of Cake» in our tabletop role-playing game.

Trainings to remember 

Hands-on security

SWITCH Security Awareness Adventures offer hands-on security awareness experiences. Solve puzzles in an analogue game environment in the escape room «Hack The Hacker», track the hacker in the outdoor mobile quest «Track The Hacker», or proof your social engineering skills in our tabletop role-playing game «Piece of Cake»

Introduction, game, debriefing 

The introduction provides the participants with basic knowledge about security which they further need to apply during the game. In a debriefing, the experienced security aspects are strengthened by referring back to the initially discussed topics.

Sustainability through fun

SWITCH Security Awareness Adventures are security trainings with fun and sustainable success. The mix of theory and practice, fiction and reality as well as the teamwork approach, makes the learning experience memorable and motivates to have some further discussions. 


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