Ā«Track The HackerĀ» - the outdoor quest

A criminal hacker has stolen data of your organisation. He's on the run trying to sell your data. Will your team retrieve the stolen data?

Gain the knowledge. Follow the data. Track the hacker.


The outdoor quest

Trace and track digital footprints

Security alert! A criminal hacker has secretly entered the premises and has stolen your organisations' critical data. Now he's on the run trying to sell your data. Can you trace his digital footprints and track him down?

Are you ready for the outdoor hacker adventure? Get your coat! Your team's mission is to retrieve the stolen data from the hacker or the handover location before it is sold on. Follow the clues, discover hidden corners in Zurich and learn to be safer online in a fun way.

Together with up to 6 people you have to try and find his whereabouts by following his digital footprints. 

Learning objectives

This adventure aims to educate participants on the importance of data privacy and security, as well as the risks posed by social engineering tactics. The game demonstrates the importance of protecting personal and sensitive information from unauthorised access or disclosure.

Your data is worth it 

A whole industry has evolved around trading stolen data. Experts assume that this market generates 160 billion USD. Protecting data is becoming increasingly difficult. At the same time, we generate more data than ever, via social media, apps, smart watches or smart home devices.

In 2019, researchers found Collection#1 on the dark web, containing 774 million email addresses and 21 million passwords for sale.

Track the Hacker


Duration: ca. 3 h
Number of participants: max. 6 pers.
Target group: employees of all fields, students
Location:  SWITCH
Werdstrasse 2
8004 Zurich
Price: on request

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