Our Services for Banks

Cybercrime has one motivation: money. Unsurprisingly, banks and in particular e-banking customers are attractive targets for criminals.
SWITCH provides a tailored service for Swiss banks, helping them in the fight against criminals with its specialised expertise. SWITCH experts analyse all relevant information to mitigate threats against its customers. Thanks to its large partner network, SWITCH has access to information earlier, giving customers a head start when a new attack arrives. Its monitoring services give customers a clear understanding of the current threat level and landscape.
All activities are coordinated through a closed trust platform, allowing all members to exchange information in near real time. It is this collaboration that makes this service superior to individual efforts.

Specific services in this all-inclusive package include:

  • Monitoring the malware landscape for customer-specific threats
  • Regular information exchange and threat information
  • Information services that enable security and helpdesk staff to take action
  • Support by email and phone
  • Training for your staff
  • Development of server side fraud detection
  • Malware analysis and monitoring as a basis for countermeasures
  • Incident handling: coordination take-downs
  • Forensic investigations

SWITCHcert customers have fewer and shorter incidents and thus lower costs. They are in control of the situation and have access to the know-how of an entire team of specialists for a fraction of the price.

Would you like us to visit you to discuss the options available and present our services in detail? Simply call or e-mail us.