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SWITCHdrive: store and share files online

Cloud-based storage services synchronise files automatically across several devices and make it easier to share them with other users. SWITCHdrive gives university members 100 GB of storage space. All files are stored securely in Switzerland.

SWITCHdrive offers the Swiss academic community a secure alternative to commercial cloud storage services. Files can be stored, synchronised, shared and worked on in collaboration with others – quickly and reliably. SWITCHdrive is easy to use with a browser, desktop client or mobile app. The academic cloud storage services differs from the commercial ones in one important respect: it runs entirely in the SWITCH cloud. It is connected to the academic network, and access is protected by SWITCH edu-ID or SWITCHaai. All the IT resources and users' files are stored in SWITCH's data centres. This is the best way to meet university members' security needs.

Services at a glance
  • 100 GB of storage space per user
  • Online file storage
  • Synchronisation of file across several devices
  • File sharing and collaboration
  • Access via desktop client, browser or mobile app
  • SWITCH cloud service
Benefits for users
  • Practical functions for managing files across different devices and  people
  • Compatible with lots of devices and operating systems
  • High standard of data protection
Benefits for universities
  • Alternative to commercial cloud storage services developed specially for universities
  • Users' files stored in Switzerland in the SWITCH cloud
  • Central support for end-users by SWITCH
  • Subscription to SWITCHdrive only possible with a SWITCH edu-ID or SWITCHaai login 
  • Service operated by SWITCH
  • Secure and reliable infrastructure


Further information for users and IT departments.