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SWITCHmirror: the up-to-date open-source archive

From A for Apache to Z for Zeroshell, SWITCHmirror has a wide range of popular open-source software packages available for download. The software is synchronised on a regular basis.

SWITCH supports the open-source community with a central, constantly updated archive for open-source software (OSS). The archive contains some 7 TB, including many popular software packages and open-source operating systems The content of the mirrored packages is synchronised with the original websites at least once a day. This makes SWITCHmirror ideal for sourcing automated updates of local OSS installations.

SWITCHmirror is publicly accessible and free of charge. The archive's roots can be traced back to the SWITCHinfo FTP Archive of the 1990s, with the new name introduced in 2004. The selection of content is geared to the needs of the Swiss academic community.

Note: SWITCH decided to shut down the SWITCHmirror service. The shutdown roadmap is published on
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