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SWITCHportfolio: document your achievements online

SWITCHportfolio allows university members to record their skills and achievements systematically and present them in a professional way. It's designed to be used over the long term.

E-portfolios are a kind of digital folder used in learning environments where innovative teaching methods and technology come into play. Students create and manage their own e-portfolio using special software. SWITCHportfolio offers more functionality, more design freedom and better data protection than social network profiles.

Innovative software

SWITCHportfolio is based on the modular open-source project Mahara, which was originally developed as a user-centric add-on for the Moodle e-learning platform. It manages artefacts, generates views and controls access to the data. Artefacts are documents proving the skills a person has acquired (e.g. seminar coursework, learning journal, photo of a thesis, video of a presentation, diploma, reference). Views present artefacts that logically belong together as a single unit (e.g. application, interim seminar report, concluding report on a diploma thesis). Community features enable users to make certain content visible to a specific audience.


Universities must subscribe to SWITCHportfolio for their members to use the service. The impetus to adopt e-portfolios normally comes from course managers, lecturers or e-learning staff. Users can count on local support wherever SWITCHportfolio is used locally. SWITCHportfolio is accessed directly via or indirectly via the university's own portal. An AAI login is required. An account is opened automatically the first time you log in.

SWITCHportfolio can only be used with an AAI login at the moment. With the Swiss edu-ID, students will be able to keep all e-portfolios created using SWITCHportfolio for as long as they want after the end of their course. It will thus be possible to use SWITCHportfolio as a career planning tool.


Personal data are stored within Switzerland in the SWITCH data centre and benefit from the best possible protection against unauthorised access.

Services at a glance
  • Provision of the software as a service
  • Data storage in the SWITCH data centre
  • Embedding in SWITCHaai
  • Technical support for IT departments (no first-level support for users)
  • Active involvement in the further development of the software
Benefits for users
  • Free to use with no time limit
  • Simple, intuitive user interface
  • Wide range of design options
  • First-level on-site support
  • Guaranteed data protection
Benefits for universities
  • Improved profile thanks to innovative software
  • Adaptable user interface (university-specific template)
  • No installation or maintenance expenditure
  • No development costs
  • Secure infrastructure with high availability
  • Second-level support

SWITCHportfolio Support


Further information for users and IT departments.