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SWITCHprocure: efficient software procurement

When it comes to buying standard software, most universities have the same needs and interests. SWITCH bundles these together and negotiates framework agreements with suppliers and manufacturers offering preferential terms.

Microsoft Office, SPSS, FileMaker – universities can now get hold of these standard products and others like them more easily thanks to SWITCH. SWITCH's Procurement team records and coordinates universities' needs and acts as an informal central contact to negotiate framework and pricing agreements with suppliers. The terms agreed are transparent and identical for all universities.

Services at a glance
  • Regular recording of needs through surveys and prioritisation within working groups
  • Coordination and bundling of demand
  • Evaluation of top suppliers
  • Negotiation of terms and conclusion of agreements
  • Exchange of information and experience
Benefits for universities
  • Improved terms
  • Full transparency
  • Simplified procedures
  • Having a say in the process
  • Less paperwork
  • Legal review of negotiated agreements
 Benefits for suppliers
  • Simplified access to the Swiss university market
  • Greater volume per contract
  • Simplified procedures
  • Less paperwork
  • Fewer presentations
  • Immo Noack
    Team Leader Procurement
    +41 44 253 98 25


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