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SWITCHtoolbox: tools for teams

SWITCHtoolbox is a user-friendly, all-inclusive solution for online collaboration. University members can use it to form a work group and select the tools they need to create the ideal working environment.

Whenever members of different institutions inside and outside the academic community want to collaborate online, they must first define and set up a suitable working environment. SWITCHtoolbox lets virtual teams do this in three easy steps:start a group, invite people to join, add tools and away you go! Your chosen working environment is activated within minutes and can be enhanced at any time. The following collaboration tools are available:

AAI-protected and expandable

All services are AAI-protected, meaning that they can be accessed quickly and are safe from unauthorised access. Any AAI-compatible web service can be integrated as a tool, even if it isn’t operated by SWITCH. All that’s needed are a few changes to settings, and all the members of a work group can access the service in question with their AAI login. SWITCH is happy to help you develop additional AAI-enabled tools.

Services at a glance
  • Group management
  • Various online collaboration tools (see above)
Benefits for users
  • Modular and expandable all-inclusive solution
  • AAI login for all services
  • Central user administration
  • SWITCH edu-ID for guests
  • Free to use (not including SWITCHinteract and SWITCHcast)
  • Swiss platform

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