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SWITCHvideoconf: top-quality, no fuss conferencing, wherever you are

Our videoconferencing tool offers top quality, maximum ease of use and high capacity. Participants can connect using a wide range of hardware from conference room systems to smartphones.

SWITCHvideoconf will be discontinued by the end of January 2021. Please use instead or ask your institution what kind of videoconferencing software they offer.

Videoconferencing with SWITCH is now even simpler. Before you needed specially equipped rooms, but no longer. Participants can now log in with any of the following devices:

  • personal computer
  • mobile device (phone or tablet)
  • videoconferencing room equipment
  • telephone (albeit without video reception)

All you need is the corresponding Vidyo® software client installed on your PC or mobile device. Register your personal virtual room and start to use it whenever you want to hold a videoconference.

The service adapts dynamically to the bandwidth available to the individual participants, allowing for high-quality video and audio transmission.

In providing the SWITCHvideoconf service, SWITCH works together closely with CERN, thus opening up considerable capacity. The direct link to the SWITCH network also delivers practically unlimited bandwidth to Switzerland’s universities. Data traffic between Swiss participants remains in Switzerland.

The service is available to all organisations with SWITCHlan. University members who would like to use SWITCHvideoconf should register on the portal using their SWITCHaai login, or contact the administrator responsible at their university or organisation.

Services at a glance
  • Data traffic in Switzerland (for Swiss participants)
  • Connecting participants with different devices
  • Video and audio transmission in HD quality
  • Advice and technical support for IT departments


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