Artificial Intelligence Research Overview Platform

SWITCH is a partner of the SATW initiative Swiss Artificial Intelligence Research Overview Platform (SAIROP). The data for the platform is linked via the Connectome Knowledge Graph.

Published on 20.05.2021

As an enabling technology that is finding its way into all areas of daily life, AI is of outstanding importance for Switzerland as a research location and for future value creation. The planned platform - the Swiss Artificial Intelligence Research Overview Platform (SAIROP) - will provide an overview of current research projects and the competencies of Swiss research institutions in the field of AI. The projects thus receive better visibility, the expertise of research groups in the field of AI is presented more clearly and it creates new access for the initiation of future projects.

The partners from research funding, academia and industry will compile information from existing databases, process it and make it more accessible by means of the new platform, which is likely to be unique in Europe in terms of the planned level of detail. This is where the Connectome Knowledge Graph comes into play: the data from different sources are linked in the background and thus enable the competences of Swiss research groups to be shown on the basis of current projects via SAIROP as a central access point. SAIROP is scheduled to be launched in fall 2021 and will be publicly accessible.

Read the full SATW press release on SAIROP.

More about the Research Data Connectome and the Connectome Knowledge Graph.

The Research Data Connectome 

Scientists across disciplines generate increasing amounts of valuable data as part of their daily research activities. Being able to reuse or even combine such scientific data opens the door to many exciting possibilities. Until now, research data has been collected in domain or institutional silos and could not be easily connected.

The Research Data Connectome connects and organises (open) scientific (meta)data sustainably across disciplines to make it widely accessible, interoperable and valuable. Building a Connectome prototype is a joint effort by DaSCH, FORS, EPFL Blue Brain, eXascale Infolab, SATW,

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