Building for Big Data in research

Philippe Cudré-Mauroux about the potential of linked data and the challenges in building the research data connectome.

Text: Cornelia Puhze, published on 21.11.2019

The main goals of the SWITCH Innovation Lab Research data connectome technologies run by Professor Philippe Cudré-Mauroux of the eXascale Infolab, University of Fribourg are:

  • to identify best practices regarding linked research data
  • possible architectures for implementing the research data connectome
  • evaluation of architectures in terms of technology and governance.

We live in this world of Big Data, where the more data you have the better the model. If we can find new ways to interconnect different pieces of research data, we can potentially pave the way for groundbreaking research.

Philippe Cudré-Mauroux, eXascale Infolab, University of Fribourg
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FAIR data connected for the future

Our vision to connect repositories and the research data they contain: the research data Connectome. 

The Research Data Connectome

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